So, you’ve heard about all these new phones out on the market that have the ability to check your email, store your schedule, text with a touch keyboard, and even summon Chuck Norris to within an inch of your enemy’s home (Although, maybe that’s just a few limited models), but no one seems to know exactly what these new phones are. The fact is, these particular new technological marvels are called “Smartphones,” but the definition as to what exactly makes them so smart is still kind of up in the air. oppo f17 pro

For the most part, if you ask any salesman of SmartPhones, they’ll tell you that these phones are so valuable because they go above and beyond the normal capabilities of former cellphones, even to say that they are able to perform PC-related functions while you’re sitting on a cornflake somewhere waiting for the van to come (As a British sensation once said). And that is your RIZR or iPhone. While no industry standard has actually been set for these new devices, you can be assured that there are two huge differences in what makes a smartphone, and what makes your run of the mill cell phone. First of all, it’s the way these beauties are built. These phones are going to make your head spin sideways, half the time because the keyboard is built into the actual phone where you slide it away, like a Blackberry or Sidekick, or it’s an actual touch-screen, such as the brand new iPhone.

Secondly, you’ll want to look at what exactly these phones can do. Your typical normal cell phone is able to make and receive calls, store your contacts, call your voicemail, and send and receive texts. Maybe you have a few games like Worm or a version of Break-Out, but for the most part, your phone is going to be more functional than anything else for telecommunications.

Take a look at the iPhone and compare it to the smartphone. It’s a bit like having a computer in your hand right then and there. You can surf the web, watch films, listen to your entire iTunes collection, a camera where you can take a bazillion pictures (I dare you to find out how much a bazillion is. Ask my little brother, and he’s convinced it’s bigger than infinity), and you can even get to Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat in some of these. It seems that technology is now moving the point where computers are getting smaller and integrating with other technologies, and believe me, it looks nice.


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